• Covid-19 Fogging Service

  • In these unprecedented times, we are all doing our part to keep our loved ones protected from the COVID-19 virus and that should include a plan to regularly clean and disinfect your space. Did you know there are common touchpoints where cross contamination is possible? Doorknobs, light switches, handles, and electronic devices just to name a few. Our disinfectant fogging is EPA-Certified to fight COVID-19 and helps ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

    What is MAJ Disinfectant Fogging?

    Our disinfectant fogging generates a cloud of microscopically small disinfectant droplets that are non-toxic to humans and animals. These droplets attach themselves to every surface and textile – even underneath and in inaccessible crevices and kill the pathogens that live there.

    Why MAJ Disinfectant Fogging?

    • COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to 3 days! It can even live on paper and plastic!
    • Germs can spread from an infected person to a healthy person via common touchpoints.
    • Wiping down surfaces isn’t enough. We get into the tight corners and the hard-to-reach areas that are almost impossible to disinfect with normal cleaning.
    • Our disinfectant fogging quickly and conveniently treats your entire space and it’s safe around every member of your family, including infants & pets.
    • We always arrive fully covered and wearing a fresh set of masks, gloves and shoe covers.
    • Our team is professionally trained and fully bonded and insured. We never use independent contractors!

    Call today and sign up for MAJ Disinfectant Fogging. Let us help keep your space COVID-19 free.

    Both Residential & Commercial Disinfecting Fogging Services are available.

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