• Deep Cleaning

  • No matter how often you clean, there comes a time when every home needs a deep clean to get to those surfaces that require extra attention. From cleaning the inside of the oven to wiping down the interiors of windows and glass doors, the MAJ Deep Cleaning gets the tough jobs done. We’ll eliminate that built-up dirt, dust, and grime and leave the area spotlessly clean.

    Just like everything else we do, our Deep Cleaning uses non-toxic, allergen-free cleaning products and methods that always meet the highest level of cleaning standards.

    Apart from the full Deep Cleaning option, we also offer stand-alone Deep Cleaning services that you can add to your initial and recurring service visits. Our most popular add-ons include oven interior & refrigerator interior servicing.

    The full list of deep clean options*:

    • Interior Oven
    • Interior Fridge
    • Interior Windows
    • Interior Glass Doors
    • Interior Blinds/Shutters
    • Interior Kitchen Cabinets
    • Detailed Couch Vacuuming
    • Housekeeping (pick up toys, wash dishes, etc.)

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